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Tube fabricators are a type of company that create standard and customized tubes for a variety of uses in a variety of materials. Most tube fabricators offer products for specific industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical devices, or electronics. However, some fabricators can service a variety of industries. Using a tube fabricator rather than a simply tubing supplier can offer many benefits, including extreme customization, increased quality, and a better understanding of the needs of your particular industry. Most fabricators can offer the following services to customers:

Material capabilities: Most manufacturers will allow you to choose the material that you need, including steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, iron, or any other material that you choose.

Machine fabrication: Machine fabrication is actually where the tubes are formed. Machine fabrication is the process of creating a tube in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and end shapes. Tube fabrication companies will have hundreds of standard designs, or can create your own customized design.

Laser welding: Sometimes it is necessary to join two or more tubes together. This is where laser welding can come into place. Laser welding is one easy and effective way for fusing different tube pieces together. Typically, it is just used for metal tubes.

Finishing: Most fabrication companies will provide a variety of finishing options to clients. These options may include powder coatings, plastic coatings, polishing, distressing, chemical treatments, and a variety of other finishing techniques that help your tubes meet your precise needs no matter what they are.

All of the above reasons are some of the best reasons why using a fabricating company is often best than simply ordering stock parts from a supply company. When you work with a fabricator, you develop a relationship with that company that can last a lifetime or longer.

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