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Dayton, OH

Since 1959, we have cut all types of material — copper, brass, aluminum, plastics, mild and stainless steels, zirconium, titanium and gold — in all types of shapes — round, shaped tubing and solid bar. Along the way we've acquired a unique mix of machines and capabilities, with many machines custom built by our expert engineers, to handle these jobs. We've also added forming, machining and pre-assembly services at customer requests. Whether you need 80,000 cut tubes in 24 hours or a brand new highly engineered solution for a micro or a large part solution, we have a better, simpler, lower-cost answer. Production Tube Cutting gives you an edge with competent, competitive & comprehensive tube fabrication. With Zero Defect quality try our tube cutting, bending, forming, machining, engineered tubes, tailored blanks & custom tube fabrication & pre-assembly. We provide comprehensive services for tube cutting, tube bending, tube forming, engineered tubes, tailored blanks, tube machining, and custom tube fabrication and pre-assembly. We work hard to solve your manufacturing problems through value-added engineering ... providing you with simpler, lower-cost solutions. Through years of experience, continuous education, the latest equipment and a small, highly-trained staff, Production Tube Cutting Inc is your edge for tubular solutions. Production Tube Cutting Inc. is your competitive source. As tube experts, we study metallurgy extensively. Years of experience have taught us how various materials react to different tube cutting, forming and machining challenges and processes. This systematic detail approach helped us achieve ISO 9001:2008.

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